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if you click on the title below…nothing happens…really nothing… it was a video but it was taken down…

Originally this was going to be a post about the Utilitarian/Techno Fashion of 90’s through early 00’s, but I couldn’t find enough information to post about it, so I’ll have to revisit that one later…but what I did find was the deconstruction of fashion that was going on around that same time. Deconstruction has been around a lot longer than the 90’s, whenever the wearer got tired of trying to fit into the established mode a new one was created, new styles and attitudes towards fashion has been formed from deconstruction – less fabric, more fabric, inside out, upside down, barely there, “wrong” fabrics, found textiles, maximum volume,…ect…the catalyst in the past has ranged from freedom of movement, sexual politics, shock value, art, (Rock – Punk) music in the 60’s through 80’s…and…

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