Rain/Mumbai !

So….. Its been really long i wrote. Having the time of my life in Mumbai ! Summer Break gets me a 3month internship in Mumbai with an establishing Designer called AartiVijay Gupta. Incredible learning experience and heaps of notes in my learning journal. Im soon going to write a big fat blog on Indian Couture and Ethnic wear !

Mumbai Monsoons…. Nobody likes working in the rains.. with all the puddles, splash of filth and dirt, ( n the frizzy hair),  it just gets a lil difficult. So, Everyday i wear shorts or a romper to work.. i carry a bright yellow umbrella and i tie my hair tight in a high bun. Shoes r mostly my Aldo platform slip ons.. ( i miss my wellingtons) !!!

Yes so…. I was reading a couple of Fashion blogs from Mumbai, (most of them were crap) but i need to share one of my favourite Monsoon Must have blog by Missmalini… Read it Quick !!!


Alsoo… the hair care article in Vogue India :


and ofcourse lotsss of hair oil and leave-in’s !!!!


Enjoyy the Romaaantic Rains !! 😉



2 thoughts on “Rain/Mumbai !

  1. Aayushi says:

    Great post! Enjoyed reading your blog, you quite obviously love what you do 🙂

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